Our company Ducks in a Row Marketing & ShopVictoria.ca, is seeking dynamic, experienced individuals to join our sales team. The successful candidate will have a strong sales background and /or experience working with business owners.

Ducks in a Row Marketing provides online, print, graphic & marketing solutions to locally owned businesses.

ShopVictoria.ca encourages consumers to choose a locally owned business when they can. We have over 4,000 active locally owned business on our ShopVictoria.ca website and enjoy 25,000 unique visitors each month to our website.

Ideal candidates will have either previous sales experience, strong connections to local business owners and/or owned a business themselves. Understanding of how the Internet works (search, websites, social media, etc.) not critical to being successful, we can teach that.

There is a full time salaried position ($36,000/yr, with commission above any sales target) available.

There is a flexible contract position (high commission only). Commission is available with no time restrictions on work hours. You are your own boss. Our business retention is above 90% with all our new services. If you are a good sales person, you can make money, even when not working. Our customers are on monthly recurring revenue. To protect your recurring revenue, we have a small commitment (12 new sales/year)

Join our team and free up your time.

Job Description:

Account Managers Job Responsibilities:

Serves customers by selling our products, services that meet our customer’s needs.

Account Managers Job Duties:

  1. Services existing accounts according to “Account Management Best Practices”
  2. Focuses sales efforts on additional products to existing customers
  3. Explore new sales opportunities with new potential customers
  4. Keeps Management informed by using Zoho to track activity, sales potentials, sales and customer information
  5. Monitor competition by gathering pricing, products and market penetration
  6. Recommend product changes, enhancements and new possible products
  7. Contribute to team’s efforts through strong communication and idea sharing
  8. Resolves customer complaints by investigating problems, documenting in Zoho, developing solutions and making recommendations to Management.

Account Management Best Practices

  1. Account Management – With the focus on what is best for the Ducks in a Row Marketing, ShopVictoria.ca and our customers, agrees to keep customer informed of new products and services. Resolve customer complaints or issues in a timely manner (first contact within 48 hours).
  2. Agrees to update ALL business contact information obtained that day in Zoho: name, address, postal code, phone numbers, website, Business owner name, additional contacts.
  3. Agrees to make detailed notes at the time in Zoho of customer contacts (how contact was made (phone, email, drop-in), who (persons name) and issues discussed or action taken).
  4. When flagged in Zoho to contact a customer agrees to respond with 48 hours. Making 3 call attempts in the first week and (if no contact) one drop in attempt in the first week. Two more drop in attempts in the second week and if unsuccessful to flag Management.
  5. Agrees to alert Management in Zoho of any businesses that have closed down.
  6. Non-compete is covered in the Agent Contractual Agreement.
  7. Agrees any and all sales will be processed through Ducks in a Row Marketing & ShopVictoria.ca
  8. Renewals. Agrees to make contact at least 6 times per year. And if an annual contract is 75% fulfilled, to identify and resolve any issues prior to renewal date.
  9. Minimum/Maximum sales. Minimum accumulated new sales of $5,000/month (annual value of new sales/ or 2 $195/month sales). Once annual sales of $500,000 is reached– total of all combined sales – relieved of any new sales quota/month but agrees to maintain book value of over $500,000/year (replacing any lost revenue accounts.)

For more information, please contact us: info@goducks.ca or (250) 588 9511