I am sure as a business owner, you consider ‘Online Marketing’ as an effective way to market your product. And with increasing focus on google reviews, and Google listings, you definitely want to be Google’s favorite! But hold on, did you say you got a call from Google today? Are you sure it was Google OR was it just yet another marketing consultant company trying to make a sale?

Well, you definitely want an expertise like a ‘marketing consultant’ to enhance your business BUT the last thing you need is a marketing consultant company who is not transparent, fake or an amateur company handling the critical ‘Online Marketing’ for your company who acts as ‘Google’ just to make a sale. So, beware of who is actually calling you.

The other Day I received such call too. The consultant said, he was calling on BEHALF of Google. I really got excited (Obviously because I thought it was ‘Google’ who has called me – unaware of what actually followed). He spoke about ‘how he can see a report where my google listings are incorrect’ or how it could be improved and ‘how why my business has not got many google reviews ‘and finally with all of his other I-know-it-all talks, the last one was, How I should sign up for one of the services to get all of this corrected! And for all obvious reasons, one of it being that ‘Google’ representative has called me and spoke to me, I signed up for their service, paid for a 3-month subscription for the service and patiently waited for the results to show!

Only to find out later upon my investigation, when I experienced an awful service from them which gave me no results, I found that it was a marketing consultant company with horrible review and known for bad customer service!

Things to remember Are:

  • 1. Most of the times they shall use such convincing messages (“I am calling on behalf of Google”) just to increase their brand value. The counter question always helps! If you are suspicious about the call, ask them to email you. Only google employee can email you from @google.com. Believe it or not, the imposter will immediately hang up on you. (This one always helped me!!)
  • 2. Know that, Google shall never call asking you solicit information about your business. Google may only call to verify details for Google Maps, Google My Business andAdWords.And you will only receive call from a customer service rep or your account manager whom you have already spoken before.
  • 3. These companies sometimes use automated “robocalls” to take out details of local business and most of the times these “robocalls” will ask you for your credit card to take away money to improve your SEO listing or even trying to convince that its expiring. Which shall never be the case!!
These Robocalls may say something like:

“It’s extremely urgent that we speak to the business owner! We’ve tried to reach you numerous times. Our records indicate that your Google Business Listing has not been claimed…”

The business owner shall be very proactive while receiving such “robocalls” and shall consider the following actions.

Hang up immediately: That is the best treatment for such fake call. Your listing cannot be taken off the Google my business and Google maps. So, Don’t Worry!!

Report the call to Google: Google has created a form to report “robocalls”. You can report such call logs at https://support.google.com/business/contact/rbc_form

Just a little awareness and being more careful shall help you choose the right ‘marketing consultant and experts’ and give you your business the boost you always wanted!