It’s no surprise that businesses in Victoria are moving towards Instagram. The question is what features does an Instagram business profile have? that can help you market and promote your business. Here are some easy helpful tips on how to use Instagram to find new customers.

1. Get Set Up With an Instagram Business Account

Here are the steps in using Instagram to market your business. You must first create a page on Facebook for your local place or business. Then create a standard Instagram profile. Make sure your Facebook page and Instagram account have the same handle (e.g. we use DucksVictoria everywhere) to avoid confusion for your customers. Once you have created both of these, Instagram will give you the option under settings to switch to a business profile. Later connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account.

2. Keep it Professional

Remember to keep your posts on-brand. Your social profiles should only be a reflection of your business. While we all know Instagram can be fun and casual, creating a new business Instagram profile will help separate your personal moments from your professional appearance. This means no selfies or vacation photos.

3. Use Your Bio

Instagram only provides one line for a website on your profile, and with a 150 character limit on a bio. You need to make that space count! Make sure your bio is relevant and catchy, so that people are excited to follow you for more quality content. But can also easily understand your business mission from a single line.

4. High-Quality Posts!

With millions of brands on Instagram, you need to be able to make yours stand out from the crowd. High-quality posts will convince users you are worth following. Writing related posts and Instagram Stories is key to keeping your followers engaged. 

Keeping your content creative is vital. Making it a hard sell can put off potential customers. Instead try to make your product look appealing and authentic.

5. Integrate Shopping

The ability for Instagram users to shop brands on Instagram is their latest feature. Instagram unveiled this latest feature only for select users. If your business produces physical goods, you will qualify for this update. The product should be a part of select categories. This latest feature release takes a few steps, but is well worth the extra effort.

6. Offer Exclusive Rewards

Instagram giveaways and exclusive coupons are a great way to gain more followers. It will increase impressions, and build positive brand awareness. Attracting people to your business with a small, low-cost giveaway is worth a try. Tagging a friend in the comments or liking a post—will, in turn, drive your leads and potential customer base. Everyone loves free stuff!

Instagram can be a valuable business marketing tool when utilized correctly. Driving free traffic to your website and social accounts is excellent for new leads. It will in turn build a positive brand experience for your customers.

Remember to keep these easy helpful tips in mind when creating and building your Instagram!

And if you need help with your social media development efforts, we are an email or phone call away.