In the days before the digital revolution, marketers mostly relied on 3 mediums to communicate their brand’s offering – print, radio and TV. Today, marketers have additional online options that can be broadly divided into 3 categories earned, paid and owned. Earned media sources are what others are talking about you. They are like testimonials. You cannot control this much apart from the way you respond to these testimonials. We will get back to this. The other two platforms – paid and owned is completely under your control and it is important that all of them are speaking the same language.

Think of all your options like different players on your favorite hockey team. Each platform, like different positions on the team, will serve a different purpose.

However, if the platforms are uncoordinated, like an uncoordinated team, it is a recipe for disaster.



Your website is clearly your most important source of information for your clients/customers. This is of course after your physical store (if you have one). Your website needs to be well designed and easy to navigate for the visitors. All useful information for the visitors should be readily available. Here is also where you need to list all your social media accounts and link each to the respective accounts.

Social Media Accounts

You can adapt your social media content according to the account since they may each speak to a different audience. However, the essence has to remain the same. To start with, the display image for the accounts needs to be identical. You don’t see players on the same team wearing jerseys with different logos, do you? Next, as far as possible your social media handles need to be as identical as possible. Normally, it is your company name. This may be a little difficult, as other people may have already created accounts with your company name more so if you are a popular company. Also, different social media pages have different rules as far as character limits, use of brand names, etc. goes. But, try keeping them as similar as possible.

Linking your accounts

If you want to increase your presence on a particular social media page, you can use your most popular account to direct followers there. Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can include your Instagram feed on your Facebook page. If you are running a contest on one account, let followers of your other accounts also know about it.

Earned media

Here it is your response that matters. Having disconnected and uncoordinated responses to comments/posts by customers can be risky. Keep your brand identity in mind.

Author:- Subeer Tungare

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