Online reviews can make or break your business

Having a great online reputation with 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook and other sites is often the difference between a fun and profitable business or a business where everything seems to be a struggle because you have a poor of worse yet, no online reputation at all. Do you know what your online reputation says about your business?

We can help you build your online reputation, in turn enhancing your credibility to potential customers, and making your phone ring. If you have a poor reputation currently, we can help you too! As long as you are providing quality products and service, we will come up with a strategy to turn those negative reviews into positive referrals.

Your business needs EIGHT to TEN online reviews to influence a potential customer to pick you over your competition

source: Nielsen Study
“When we started we had no online Google reviews, Ducks in a Row added Google reviews to our website, email and created review postcards. We have over 40 5-star reviews now!!!

Charlie Sims