Starting July 2018, Google will mark all websites that do not have HTTPS as "not secure."

Many new features and add-ons give websites the power to serve their audience better. Some such features are geographic location, push notifications, APIs and add to home screen. Information that you may not want Public could be passing between you and the website you visit ,therefore it must be secure.

This also means more data exchanges between your customer and your website when they visit you. Your visitors are at risk for sharing information they may not want to. Unless your website is secure.

Google wants to protect it’s (and your) customers. This can be done by shifting to HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) for your website. For most websites migrating to HTTPS is easy and does not slow your website. Depending on how your website is built there could be broken links.

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Why do you need HTTPS and how will it help? Without a secure protocol, your website is susceptible to eavesdropping from hackers, ad inserts from intermediaries and other intrusions that hamper user experience. Even if your website does not record sensitive user information like credit card details, this is a cause for concern. An HTTPS prefix signifies 3 main security features to visitors to your website.

1) Identity - They are talking to your website and not some fake website that is pretending to be you
2) Confidentiality - The data exchange is only between them and the intended website, and no other person can read it
3) Integrity - No intermediary network can change the data that is being transferred

Very soon, Google will mark all non-HTTPS websites as "not secure." If you do not move to HTTPS traffic to your website decrease because of the "not-secure" warning, visitors will exit from websites with such a warning, and this will affect your SERP ranking. You want to ensure that your visitors have a secure and enjoyable experience on your website. HTTPS is one way to do this.

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Author:- Subeer Tungare

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