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Domain Services. Research a name. Register a new name. Renew your domain. Transfer your domain to Smart Ram Hosting.

For as little as $12.99.

Hosting Services. Backups, updates, unlimited storage, CPanel Control Panel, Virus and Malware Scanning, Free SSL and more…..

HTML websites $8.99/month.

WP websites $12.99 (includes automatic plugin updates).

WordPress provides software (plugins) to easily modify, customize or enhance WordPress websites. Once a vulnerability is found in a specific software code hackers go on hunt, looking for those websites that have that code (plugin). If this code is not corrected immediately they have a way into your website for their nefarious needs. Your website can very quickly being shut down by google.

What do we do. When updates are available they are installed onto your website.

We also preventably install a code that prevents hackers from even seeing which code is used on your WordPress website. Hackers are looking for a specific code (not to hack your website specifically) and if they can’t see it, they move on to easier prey.

We also install code to encourage you when uploading content (images / video) to compress it to keep your website size small which increases website speed. And should your website go down for whatever reason, we install a program that checks your website every 5 minutes to ensure it is up and live and alerts us with text to phone and email messages if it suddenly goes down, so we can begin our work to get it back up as quickly as possible.

Back-ups of your website. Our hosting provider, Smart Ram Hosting provides daily back-ups of your website. A second back up program of ours does weekly back ups and we also do another full back up of your website and store it in our DropBox account, should it ever be needed. And if you can believe it, there are times when it is. Your peace of mind is our peace of mind.

Want Peace of mind? Connect to our pre-authorized payment.

We will send you 30 days notice prior to any annual renewal date of the amount due and date. It will happen automatically. Once done you will be sent a paid receipt.

Never worry about your website going down for either domain or hosting expiration.

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