Social Media Marketing is more than just sharing content.

Use the power of Social Media to build your brand awareness, create traffic and develop strong relationships. It’s the best possible marketing strategy to leverage online ‘word of mouth’ and the credibility of those who share.

We’re all aware that social media has taken over our world. Millions of people every day use many different social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google my Business are the best direct-to-public business platforms in Victoria, use them to engage and build your business online.

Nowadays just posting on a social media platform will not do. It won’t have that much of an impact. A business must do three things to win by using Social Media effectively.

1.  Post and post frequently. Posts should be interesting and informative. They must relate to your field, your customer or your community to be authentic.  These posts should invite participation from your viewers.

2. Interact in Social Media. Not only with those who comment on your page but on other Social media and blogging sites too. It must be in your voice to be authentic.

3.  Social Media Ad Campaigns. There is no way around it. These big social media giants have figured it out and as a business, if you want access to their customer base; you are going to have to pay for it. Get someone who knows what they are doing to maximize every dollar you spend. So when you pay to boost your ads it gets in front of a customer like yours. Social media platforms want to encourage you to spend money so they will work hard to help your ad spend campaigns to be successful too, by giving you tools and tips.   But nothing beats having an expert cut through it all.

You can double or triple your traffic with a Smart Social Media Strategy.

Through our social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we will create a social media program that will create brand awareness, connect in a real way with your customers and also drive new customers to your door. And we report every quarter on the traffic on each platform.

We make it easy. Starting at $100/month for a weekly post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google my Business.  We provide quarterly reporting of traffic and the actions they took to help focus on converting this traffic into customers. We can also interact on your behalf on each platform and manage any ad programs at times when you need it.  Want another reason to choose us; we have no long-term contracts.  Use ad programs when you need them, save your money when you don’t.

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