Your Google My Business page is your most important online real estate today. It is what Google brings up first in mobile search and if you use it properly it can drive customers to your door and improve keywords rankings in search. And it's free!

GMB Statistics

Google Posts are short 100 – 300 word posts accompanied by a photo or video. The intention of these free posts is to highlight sales, promotions, or events for your local business/store. These posts (with an exception of events) expire after 7 days, forcing businesses to post fresh content continuously.

Google My Business posts are a great way to improve your overall SEO strategy. By posting to Google it can help you generate more organic clicks. We recommend CTA (Call To Action) buttons which will encourage users to take action off the post.

Keeping posts updated with fresh content will help bring users back to your website repeatedly. When people interact with your listing more it can increase your rankings through “Behavioral Signals”, one of 8 key Google local search ranking factors. A high click-through rate, from your GMB listing to your website, is considered a behavioral signal.

Rio SEO's Google Posts Initiative analyzed more than 5,000 Google Posts for clients across all sectors. Posts included video and/or images and were focused on brands or time specific events - sales or promotions. Eight total campaigns were measured over 16 to 50 days.

This data showed signs of maintaining momentum after the campaign. And it showed increased viewer engagement the business. While post length did not influence results. The most significant result of Posts was 240% gain in Search Views and the correlation between Posts and site visibility.

Posts Duration if less than 6 days or more than 50 days may harm localized search. While the optimum active range was found to be 12 to 21 days.

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Before you can start posting to your GMB listing, you need to claim, clean and optimize your listings. For more information on how to do that Contact us today!